Friday, February 17, 2012

Yesterday we returned to Dover, TN to visit Fort Donelson again. There's just something about standing on the ground where history was made that makes that history come alive.

 Everytime I stand beside these cannons by the river, I can't help but to think what a frightening sight it must have been for those men to see smoke from the ironclad ships coming around that bend in the distance.

 Jessica is intent on taking a picture, not of the cannons, but of the eagle!
 The eagle was back! Just as majestic as before. I wonder if one sat in that same tree before the battle 150 years ago.

 They were pretending the ironclads had been spotted & they had to man the cannons.

 Posing for a picture. Notice how hard it is to get them all to stand still & smile at me!

 At the lower river battery. 

 In the afternoon, we went to the Surrender House (Dover Hotel) to witness the surrender of General Buckner to General Grant. We thought we would be early (30 min before the event) but we had to park 1/2 mile up the road.

David was intently taking pictures & video of all the soldiers!

 Two of the re-enactors before the event.

 I don't think the girls were as interested in all the soldiers as David was.

 I thought it was so neat to see some ladies dressed for the part & this little boy was adorable!

 The confederate soldiers were lined up to surrender their arms. I found it interesting that the man in black was their chaplain. Chaplains always were black in the Civil War, regardless of which side they were on.

 Union bugler calling everyone to attention.

 Confederate troop leader calling his men to attention & giving them orders to follow commands of the union guards. It was at this time that the cell phone of one of the soldiers rang. Everyone got a big laugh from that.

 I love this soldier. He played the part very convincingly. There's just something him that just transported me back in time.

General Simon Buckner announcing to his troops that he had signed the surrender paper & that they were to follow General Grant's orders.

 General Grant. 
 General Grant gave a speech to the soldiers. 

 Jeff talking to General Grant aka Dr. E.C. Fields, Jr. He is a friend of one of the nurses Jeff works with here in Dover. Check out his website at

We are so blessed to be able to travel with Hubby and see historic places. Visiting places and watching living history events makes history come alive. The kids remember this more than just reading about it in a book. They can connect with it! 

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