Saturday, April 16, 2011

Podcast Input from you!

As we continue to make podcasts, we'd love to have input from you. Below are some of the questions we would love for you to answer to help us with our next several episodes. So please comment on this post or email us or call us!

1. Why do you homeschool? Bad public school, religious reasons, health issues, etc...

2. What does your typical day look like? We know that each of our school days are unique. We'd like to share examples from you all on what your day is like.

3. What are some "stereotypes" about homeschooling that you have encountered? We've had some unusual ones mentioned to us recently so we'd like to know what ones you've heard.

4. Are you part of a co-op or homeschool group? Do you find it beneficial or over-rated?

5. What are the pros & cons of homeschooling in your eyes? Do you try to convince others that homeschooling is the way to go?

6. What kind of curriculum do you use? Do you use traditional, unit studies, all-in-one or mix & match, computer, dvd, none, etc.... What homeschool method do you use? Classical, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, unschooling, a mix??

7. Is there anything else you'd like for us to do an episode on?

Thanks so much for listening to our podcasts & for taking the time to give us some feedback about the above topics!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Podcast #10 - Midwest Homeschool Convention - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Notes for podcast - as in the movie, we start with the Ugly!

The Ugly
-Ken Ham fiasco. Executed poorly

The Bad
registration grade: C-
-Tim Hawkin’s concert:  B
-Duggers: D - people letting babies cry & not taking them out. Kudos to ones who have taken them out.
-Rudeness of homeschoolers (in lines and phones - talking and ringers)
-Poor tech and licensing issues
-sessions that make me feel guilty for choices we feel God has led us to. For example, only having 3 kids or Using/having tech.
The Good
-vendor hall(too much of a good thing?)
-neat vendor --

-Choices of sessions - over 300 sessions to choose from
-More food options (But $$$$$$)
-sessions that are encouragement & confirmation of what we need to do.
-Delaying formal math - study by L. P. Benezet -
-Hal & Melanie Young - - homeschooled, Christian surfer who lost arm in shark attack. Movie out April 8.

-Coolest ad:  inside a book. - Inheritance Publications -

WE ARE TIRED!!!!!! and broke


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Fever

 So, I think Spring Fever has hit our house. We've done some traditional type school work the past 2 weeks. But it's been hard to sit inside at a desk or table.

Jamie (on left) is doing her vocabulary. David & Jessica (on right) were doing some school on the computer. David used this opportunity to hug on his little sister who was engrossed in her computer program.

Then last Thursday, Friday & Saturday we went to the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. This was the first year Jamie (on the left) came with us. You can hear her thoughts & ours on our next podcast that should be released this weekend. On the right is all the curriculum, books & DVDs we got at convention.

 This week, we took a field trip to the Central library here in Indianapolis. We are blessed with a large library system here. It has 22 branches and a wonderful online system. We can reserve books online & have them sent to our local branch to pick up. Our local branch is fairly small. But the Central branch is quite overwhelming. The old part, which I think is beautiful, houses fiction. The new part is several stories tall & very modern. The kids loved going & we came home with a large stack of books.

 The rest of our time the last 2 weeks has been spent playing outside. The kids discovered a duck has laid eggs in our front flower garden. So we are on duck watch again this year. At least this year she didn't lay eggs right next to the garage door or the back patio door like she has in prior years.

Once again, I'm so glad we homeschool. My kids are getting real life experiences that are worth more than the book knowledge they would learn in public school. Rather than just reading about ducks & eggs, we are watching & learning. We are participating in life instead of just being hearing about it or doing worksheets on it. Also, my kids have time to play & use their imaginations.