Monday, April 11, 2011

Podcast #10 - Midwest Homeschool Convention - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Notes for podcast - as in the movie, we start with the Ugly!

The Ugly
-Ken Ham fiasco. Executed poorly

The Bad
registration grade: C-
-Tim Hawkin’s concert:  B
-Duggers: D - people letting babies cry & not taking them out. Kudos to ones who have taken them out.
-Rudeness of homeschoolers (in lines and phones - talking and ringers)
-Poor tech and licensing issues
-sessions that make me feel guilty for choices we feel God has led us to. For example, only having 3 kids or Using/having tech.
The Good
-vendor hall(too much of a good thing?)
-neat vendor --

-Choices of sessions - over 300 sessions to choose from
-More food options (But $$$$$$)
-sessions that are encouragement & confirmation of what we need to do.
-Delaying formal math - study by L. P. Benezet -
-Hal & Melanie Young - - homeschooled, Christian surfer who lost arm in shark attack. Movie out April 8.

-Coolest ad:  inside a book. - Inheritance Publications -

WE ARE TIRED!!!!!! and broke


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