Thursday, January 10, 2013


I haven't posted since October. Why? Mainly because we haven't had any trips or activities worth blogging about. We've been doing Bible, math, reading, grammar & writing. Everything else has been a struggle. With the holidays, no one has wanted to do school. And I haven't wanted to blog. We are trying to get back in the groove of school work. It's been hard.


Kids have been playing a lot of Legos recently. I love listening to them use their imaginations as they build & play. I've heard a lot of Ninjago/Lord of the Rings/Super hero mash-ups. I love that they use things they've read & watched as springboards for unique story lines in their playing. I also love that they have lots of time to play!


Hopefully I'll have more interesting things to blog about soon. Until then, we will keep learning & playing.