Sunday, August 26, 2012

Iosco County Museum

When we travel, some of the best museums are the small town ones. The Iosco County Museum was a delight. So much history in this house turned museum. Tons of old machinery & collectibles. It was full of a wide variety of stuff. I apologize in advance for the amount of photos. Enjoy!

A canon from war 1812.
A snow blade.
A train in front of museum.
Display dedicated to fishing industry.
Various kitchen stuff.
I love this old stove.
The AuSable River Queen. The original is in big picture. The newer one is color photo.
Operation Dessert Storm Quilt.
An X-ray machine.
Chippewa Indian display.
An ultrasound machine.
Oxygen machine.
Medicine display.
Crazy Quilts.
Spinning Wheel.
German sewing machine.
A radio & ukeline.
Beautiful old organ.
Jami & Jess pointing out a violin that Ally would like.
Accordian! Jess said Weird Al would like this.
Train display.
Lumbermen's room.
More logging tools.
Old teapots, creamers & sugar pots.
This lady was the Operations Manager of the museum. She gave us lots of information.
A victrola & a mimeograph.
Printing press & cash registers.
A switchboard.
An old telephone.
Old electronics.
Ice cream maker.
Projectors & cameras.
Movie equipment.
A dollhouse.
A Red Cross exhibit.
A Postal Carriage.
An IBM time clock.
A Horse-drawn Hearse.
A sled in a wagon.
A Stage Coach.
A hand plow. I remember Dad having one when I was younger.
Gas pumps. 37¢ a gallon.
Old shop equipment.
A Lathe & Saw Sharpener.
A stencil letterer.
A belt driven press.
The Clipper.
A loom.
A cream separator & an apple press.
An old sewing machine.
An old bike.
Next door to the museum was a park.
We ended our day with a movie in our cabin.