Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a little peek

I thought I'd give you all a little peek into our homeschool on the road.
All of our homeschool stuff is contained in these 2 crates & 2 bags. The black crate houses our curriculum.
I have a general weekly plan of how much school work I'd like to accomplish. We haven't started science or history yet.
We start each day reading Jesus Calling then reading & discussing a lesson in Sword Fighting. I love Sword fighting because each week you focus on 1 verse. Then each day's lesson ties into that verse.
Here are most of our books. Jamie does Analytical Grammar & Algebra. David is in Gamma (multiplication) & Jessica is in Beta (multi-digit addition & subtraction). We do History & Science together with Jamie doing harder assignments. David has been working on cursive too.
David also does Sequential Spelling. Each of the kids have notebooks that they journal in daily.
I have color coded folders for each child to place their finished work in.
This is my binder that I keep all of our worksheets. We have several Critical Thinking Company workbooks as well as math, history & science worksheets.
We also bring our printer so I can print additional worksheets or other stuff.
This is my crate to carry additional stuff.
In the gray crate, I carry games, craft kits & flash cards.
My ThirtyOne bag contains glue, scissors, crayons, markers, stickers, Pipe cleaners, pencils, rulers, tape, etc. Everything you need to be crafty.
My other bag contains construction paper, stencils, colored pencils & our MathUSee blocks.
Schoolwork can take place anywhere. On the floor...
at the table...
or on the couch...
We also try to hit museums, landmarks or other interesting places when we are on the road. We take full advantage of hands-on learning activities.
So there's a little peak into our on the road homeschool. I hope you enjoyed it!

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