Sunday, February 19, 2012

Living history at Fort Donelson & Fort Defiance

Like I said in my last post, there's just something to be said for seeing reenactments of history. On Saturday, February 18th, the KY 9th were at Fort Donelson to reenact the occupation of the fort after the surrender. It is amazing to see the passion these men have for history & for imparting that history to others!

 Here the men are lined up to receive their ammunition in order to demonstrate to us how to load their guns & then how they shot their guns.

 There were lots of people watching. Notice that David is intently watching & Jessica was a little less impressed by it all.

 After their demonstration, we were invited into the camp to check it out & to ask questions. Here are the remnants of their lunch.

Here are some of their guns. Beautiful, aren't they?!

 This young man was showing the kids how to build a proper fire. He was so good about explaining everything he was doing and why.

Jessica is eating Hardtack that one of the soldiers passed out to everyone. It's a cross between bread & a cracker. The soldiers would eat this when they were on the move.

This young man was showing the kids what a soldier might have in his pack. David was very interested in these glasses.

 This was a sewing kit that a soldier might carry. 
Jamie was impressed that soldiers had to know how to sew.

These beautiful Lilies were growing on the hillside next to the camp. I wonder if they grew in that spot 150 years ago & if they cheered the soldiers.

 These men were visiting the River cannon embankments. It made it a little easier to visualize the past.

 The kids posing for a picture before we left Fort Donelson.

 Then today, February 19th, we went to Fort Defiance to witness a ceremony commemorating the occupation of Clarksville by the Union. There were lots of people dressed up as well as lots watching.

 A few of the soldiers talking before the ceremony.

 This ceremony was in a small room that was not designed for this type of activity. David was frustrated because he could not see. I don't blame him. 

 Jessica was on Daddy's shoulders the whole time & still could barely see.

 Jamie looked quite bored as she could only see the people in front of her & had to stand there just listening.

 Here are some of the women after the ceremony. I admire them for being able to dress the part & visit with all the people.

 We got to see General Grant again! Jessica was thrilled. I think David was a little intimidated. 

 This men took their color-guard duties seriously & stood here for over an hour while people talked with them & took pictures of them. Notice the beautiful city of Clarksville in the background!

This man was teaching the crowd about his gun & about the canon. It amazes me the knowledge these re-enactors have of the civil war. Some of them have been taught this knowledge from their parents & grandparents. We are so blessed to have been able to be here & learn from them.

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