Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yesterday, on February 13th, we visited Mammoth Cave again. We took the New Entrance tour again & also the Historic tour. This is a 400 stair 2 mile/2 hour tour. 

 One of the areas of the cave where there are benches. They give us a rest & tell us more of the history of the cave.

 Sample of what the ceiling inside the cave is like. Large slabs of limestone!

 Most of the cave tour is large passages like this. But there are tight places.

 Part of the Frozen Niagara. Many parts of the cave were named by early cave owners when they gave tours. They chose names that the rich east-coast people who traveled here for tours would find familiar.

 The areas that are white are more pure! If they are black, they have been polluted by human touch.

 This is a zoomed out picture of the frozen niagra to give you a little perspective of how big this is. This is only the top of the area. Those gates are about 3 1/2 feet tall.

 This is looking down at the Frozen Niagra.

 Stalactites, Stalagmites & columns in the Frozen Niagara.

 The Natural opening of Mammoth cave as we start the Historic tour. Notice this ice! It was cold!

 Remnants of the Saltpeter operation from 1812-1815.

 One of the many natural caverns in the cave.

 One of the natural waterfalls in the cave.

 More of the beauty of the cave.

Notice the ice. We are near the surface here so it was colder in the cave.

 Some beautiful flowstone. Almost missed this as we were climbing the stairs in Mammoth Dome.

 More beauty!

 This is one of the waterfalls on the walk from the cave opening to the visitor center.

It was so cold but the ice was so beautiful. 

I think my favorite moment of the day was when David looked at me in the cave & said "Mom this is so beautiful. God created all this." He said this to me several times during the tour. I love that he could see God's handiwork in the caves, even when the tour guide was talking about the cave being made by water & natural processes over long time periods.

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