Saturday, November 26, 2011


This year, we decided that since Hubby was home all week we would do a "family" Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday.

On Saturday, the kids planned our meal. Our meal would consist of Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, rolls, fresh veggies & noodles. We then went to the store. The kids found a turkey, rolls, veggies & stuff to make noodles. We tried to get them to pay for it but conveniently they had left their money at home. ;-)

On Tuesday, we put the turkey in the sink to defrost. Jessica liked playing in the water. After lunch, we put the turkey in a bag to roast. Then the kids got busy peeling potatoes while Dad boiled noodles. Jamie lasted the longest at peeling potatoes. David helped Dad put beef in with the noodles.

Soon the food was all done & while Dad & I plated the food, the kids set the table. Our "family" prepared meal was delicious & it was fun working together.

Sorry I don't have pictures but we were having such a great time that I didn't even think about pulling out the camera.

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