Tuesday, November 15, 2011


One of the things I've heard over the years as we homeschool is "What about Socialization?" I say, "What about it?"

I've watched my kids as they grow up & truly see nothing wrong with my kids in the social area. My kids are polite. They have no fear of speaking with others. They know how to properly talk to adults. Although they do slip up from time to time as we all do.

I've seen them make friends with any child they see, even the child other kids ignore. It doesn't matter to my kids if the child is their age, younger or older. If you are a kid, they are going to try to engage you. I see so many kids who go to public school that will only "socialize" with kids their age. I've seen them ignore my kids because they are younger.

I've also seen how any child who is different is treated by public school kids. These kids are either shunned or made fun of. I've never seen my kids do this to anyone. I've only seen them treat others kindly.

As I sit here at a public playground watching my kids play, I see them engaging others, playing & having fun with any & every child who will play with them. I have seen them shunned by kids their own age because they are playing with kids younger than them. I've also seen my kids shunned because they refuse to be mean or hateful to others or break the rules.

I've also had my kids upset because some other child is getting teased or picked on. I've seen them step up and tell the teaser to back off & act right. I've seen them befriend the teased child. I'm not trying to brag on my children or make it seem like my kids always do the right thing. They don't, they're kids. But most of the time they do.

What makes the difference? I truly believe it is because most of their time is NOT spent with their peers. Most of their time is spent with family. They are learning to interact with all people, just not those few in their age range. They are getting to see on a daily basis how adults & older children interact. They see examples of love and kindness. They are being taught the right ways to interact & not seeing the wrong way to act every day.

I'm so blessed to be able to "socialize" my children the correct, godly way at home.

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