Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taking the week off!

I love homeschooling, but I don't think I'd be able to do it if I didn't have breaks now & then. I am blessed with wonderful parents & in-laws who love to take my kids. Not only is it a blessing to me, but it a blessing to my kids. They get to spend time with their grandparents & see different perspectives on the world.

 Here's us at Thanksgiving dinner at our church. Back row is my Father-in-law Danny, Mother-in-law Becky, Dad Garry, Mom Judi & me. Front row is Jessica, my hubby Jeff, Jamie, David & Brother-in-law Neal.

So this week, we are taking the week off school. Yet my kids have probably learned more this week than normal school weeks! Jamie was at the in-laws. I know she usually does a lot while there. One of the things she did this week was help her grandparents deliver Meals On Wheels to shut-ins. She is learning to be a servant! She is also learning compassion & love. This is worth more than learning math or english!

David & Jessica were at my parents. They helped pick up limbs from latest storm & helped feed cats & Sally the dog. Country life has lots of learning opportunities too.

They all came home yesterday afternoon. Today we are taking off school as I am having a Thirty-One party here tonight. So we are in the midst of cleaning. Not sure what tomorrow will hold. But I do know that I love the flexibility homeschool gives us. Yes, we are now behind my schedule BUT it won't take much (just few longer days) to get caught back up. Also, I build in catch-up weeks so in long run, we will be fine.

Sometimes, life experiences are more important than academics!

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