Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling Inadequate as Homeschool mom/homemaker!

As I look around a my wonderful friends, I sometimes feel like I'm inadequate as a homeschooler & as a homemaker. When you think of typical homeschooler, then look at me, you will see I don't quite fit in.

I don't cook from scratch. I don't have a big garden & can all my own food. I don't do freezer meals. I don't clip coupons. I don't have meals planned out for the week. I don't buy organic food from store or from a farm.

I don't make my own soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, lotion or anything. I don't make my own paper towels, wet wipes or kleenex. I didn't use cloth diapers.

I don't make our own clothes. I have a whole stack of mending to do & hate doing it. 

I have some wonderful friends who do some or all of the things mentioned above. And I love them all dearly. But sometimes it leaves me feeling inadequate. Believe me, none of these wonderful ladies would ever do or say anything to make me feel that way. It's my own insecurity that makes me feel that way!

I know God made me unique! Which is why we call our podcast "Uniquely Us!" I just need to constantly remind myself to focus on the unique gifts & talents God gave me & not focus on what I can't or don't do! I need to stop letting Satan whisper those doubts & lies into my head! Besides, I've never fit in or been the "normal" type of person!

So, whenever I feel inadequate, I am going to stop & celebrate who God made me to be! No, I don't cook from scratch, I don't sew, can, coupon or make my own soap. BUT God didn't make me to do that. He placed limitations in my life physically so that I couldn't do those things. He has blessed me with Fibromyalgia. Through it, I have to depend on Him! I get to see His mercies on me daily! He also has blessed me with a wonderful hubby who loves me dearly. He has a travel job & we have been blessed to be able to travel with him & see lots of places & things we wouldn't otherwise be able to. God has blessed me with wonderful children who don't care what I can't or don't do. They just care that I love them!

If you are out there & you feel inadequate also, please know that it is normal! I bet if you talk to anyone of the women whom you feel inadequate next to, they will tell you they feel inadequate too! So turn your thinking around! Stop looking at what you can't or don't do & start looking at what you can do! I know it is hard! But you can do it! If you can't seem to find something you can do or are good at, ask your friends! I'm blessed with a bunch of friends who jump in to encourage me & point out what I CAN & DO do! God made you Uniquely You! No one else is like you! Praise Him for that today! (Psalm 139:14 -I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. )

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