Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are we failing in Homeschooling?

As a mom, we are always doubting ourselves. We question if everything we do is good enough. We wonder if we've made the right decisions, disciplined our children the right way, loved them enough, etc...

But as a homeschool mom, I think we doubt ourselves even more. Am I teaching them the right subjects? Am I training them the right way? Are they where they should be in what they are learning? Are they behind? Am I failing them as a teacher? Am I failing them as a mom? Should I be tougher on them? Am I teaching them the right way? Would they be better off in public school?

It's good to ask ourselves these questions from time to time to make sure we are on the right track. BUT we need to make sure we aren't overly critical of ourselves & our teaching. If we are, we set ourselves up for depression & burnout!

I hit such a time this week. I went into panic mode. I was second guessing everything I've ever taught my kids & every lesson plan I have in place. Yes, I have some things I need to work on with our schedule & our curriculum.  BUT it's not hopeless & I've not damaged my kids by them being a little behind in some areas. I felt that way though.

Thankfully, God has given me a wonderful hubby who calmed me down & helped me see it WOULD be okay! Yes, we are behind. No, he didn't know I was concerned, but he had been too. Yes, we would get through this. It's a rough patch. We all hit them.

The next step it to step back! We need to evaluate where we are. We need to evaluate where we feel we should be. It's possible when we evaluate we may find out that we aren't as bad off as we thought. We need to pray for direction on where God wants us to be going.

I'm sharing this so that other homeschool moms will know that it's ok to hit a rough patch. We aren't perfect! We all struggle! Let others know you are struggling so they can be praying. Ask for help. Ask for advice. Don't be like me & try to do it alone!

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