Monday, April 13, 2015

Midwest Homeschool Convention

On April 9th through the 11th, we attended the Midwest Homeschool Convention (Great Homeschool Conventions) in Cincinnati, OH. Here are all 3 kids in our hotel room. It was very bright out so the pic is not the best. We were on the 21st floor!

Friday was David's 12th Birthday! Here he is on his birthday taking a break from hanging out with the new friends he made during the convention.

Jessica loved the musical instruments. She really wants to play the Cello...

...then maybe the harpsichord!

David's Birthday finished with a Bob Smiley concert! David got to sit & talk with Bob before the concert!

Jamie got her picture with Bob also before the concert.

Jessica had to wait until afterwards to get her picture with Bob!

On Saturday, Jessica was able to get her picture with Mr. Steve Demme, her math teacher! She made his day by thanking him for teaching her & giving him a big hug & a big smile!

No homeschool convention is complete without visiting lots of vender booths & spending lots of money on curriculum for the next school year!

We bought 8" x 11" whiteboards & dry erase markers to do school work on.

We bought 2 movies from the Henline homeschool family along with study guide for 1 of the movies.

We also got a DVDS with a bunch of free educational videos & a Bob Smiley DVD!

David just had to have this book & study guide written by a retired Navy JAG officer! He also got to meet Mr. Brown & have him sign the book.

This is a new motivational tool we got. It's a game that the kids will earn points to play daily by doing chores or meeting character improvement goals. It also came with a cool book about Africa.

Jessica is fascinated by animal so she is going to be doing a Zoology course this year.

David's spelling for next year. We already have Jessica's.

We love our workbooks from The Critical Thinking Company!

Each of the kids got a beautiful journal from the Mardel Homeschool booth.

This book caught Jessica's eye early in the convention. She fell in love with it & with Ms. Turk who signed the book for her.

This is a writing curriculum from Jr. High & high school that we are planning to buy this summer. David will be writing a bunch of shorter articles & make his own magazine. Jamie will be writing her own Adventure Novel over the year! Both seem like a perfect fit!

David's new science course will be shipped in a few weeks. It is a bunch of hands on Physical Science projects. He is so excited to start this!

2 of our Critical Thinking Company books were sold out & will be shipped to us.

Jamie's Chemisty DVD course was also sold out & will arrive soon. If it's anything like the Biology course she's doing now, it is going to be fun!

We also ordered Jamie's complete math program for next year, Algebra 2.

And the student pack for David. We already have Jessica's next math book.

The last thing we bought is probably my favorite. It is a handheld USB microscope that we hook to the computer. It has a 10x to 200x magnification. It came with 2 computer programs & 2 teacher resource pack DVDs. It also has a carrying case, 2 stands, several specimen bottles & a bag of neat specimens! We can't wait to start experimenting & exploring things!

Overall we had a great convention. We got to see a few old friends, hear some good speakers, spend an evening laughing together as a family & get curriculum for next school year.


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