Sunday, April 19, 2015

Grand Haven & Muskegon

On Friday, April 17th, we went to see Lake Michigan in Grand Haven & Muskegon.

Glad to be out of the van!

Jessica wanted a picture of the sand!

Being silly!

Looking out towards Lake Michigan

Looking in towards Grand Haven

Sand Dune

Memorial at the edge of the pier.

Lighthouse caution sign!

Looking south from the pier.

Lighthouse view

Walking towards the end of the pier...

...yes, that is fog!

Looking back towards land

Even though it's been warm, there was still ice at the end of the pier.


Walking back.

We wanted to go on the beach, but all the beaches looked like this! Sand was being collected from in-shore parking lots & roads then dumped back on the beaches.

Muskegon Harbor

Looking towards Lake Michigan

Back towards the harbor

Beautiful sky over Lake Michigan


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