Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tennessee River Museum

On March 31st, we went to the Tennessee River Museum in Savannah, TN. This neat little museum was free for kids & only $3 per adult.
One room was devoted to the fossils found in the Tennessee River area.
The next room was devoted to the arrowheads found in this area.
The next room told the story of the Shiloh Mound Builders. You can visit the mounds at Shiloh National Park.
This was the most famous artifact found at Shiloh.
The next room was a sad room. It told the story of the Cherokee Indians & the Natchez trail or the "Trail of Tears."
David loved this room. It was dedicated to the Ironclads of the Civil War.
The Union Army commanded by General Grant won many victories because the Union Navy with their Ironclads, commanded by Admiral Foote, were always there to back them up on the river!
This exhibit talked about the canon balls used on the Ironclads.
After the Civil War, the river was used for commerce, transportation, recreation & tourism.
Being able to captain a steamboat was the highlight of the museum for the kids.
The river provided jobs for the area. Musseling was a big industry. They even had synthetic pearl farms along the river.
The last room of the museum was dedicated to challenging us to remember the past & preserve history so we don't repeat the mistakes of the past.

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