Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little History, A Little Fun!

On April Fools' Day, we visited Fort Granger in Franklin, TN. Fort Granger is connected to Pinkerton Park. So we combined some learning with some fun!
Information about Fort Granger.
Fort Granger is located atop a hill that overlooked most of Franklin. It was quite a hike to the fort.
From the outside, it is not very impressive.
As you climbed the stairs to enter the fort, you began to understand why the fort was built here.
The fort contained a Cavalier, basically a smaller fort within the larger fort.
Here is the Cavalier.
This sign talked about the defenses of the fort.

The Fort was quite beautiful & peaceful inside. It was quite large with lots of room for soldiers.
This is one of the beautiful bushes on the trail to the fort.
Tucked in the woods was this peaceful meadow complete with a stage & seating.
One playground area.
A second playground area.
A third playground area.
The last playground area.

Jamie swinging!
David hiding!
Jessica on the spinner!
Jamie & Jessica playing together.
David the monkey!
Jessica just content to sit!
Jamie content to sit.
A neat bridge across the river.
The beautiful view of the river.
We had a great day of family fun!

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