Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stones River National Battlefield Visit

Today we journeyed down to Murfreesboro, TN to the Stones River Battlefield. This battle started on December 31, 1862. This battle of all the major battles of the civil war had the largest percentage of casualties on both sides. 

 Kids in front of the Stones River National Battlefield Visitor's Center
 Overview of the Battle & battlefield
 Casualties for both sides were very very high in this battle.
Sheridan saved the day because he anticipated an early morning confederate attack. Even though the line was pushed back, they bought time for other Union troops to move in to position & hold Nashville Road
This field was the site of many deaths. It was a very bloody battle.
 The Union soldiers were penned down in this area. They continued to fight & gave the Union army 2 hours to get in place.
 The area show in the 2 pictures above was called the Slaughter Pen. Many of the soldiers were from Chicago & had seen the huge slaughter houses there. They likened the carnage here to those slaughter houses.
 Here is another crucial battle line drone by the Union soldiers to keep the Confederates from getting to Nashville road & cutting off the Union from their supply positions in Nashville.
 Here Jamie & David are pretending to be Union soldiers that are fighting off the Confederates.
 Jessica is crouching down to escape the gunfire of the Confederates that is whizzing over her head.
 It is amazing to me that these earthworks have survived 150 years!
This trenches were all that stood between these soldiers & their deaths. 
 I just love this pic. They were discussing the battle.
This is the Hazen Brigade Monument & cemetery area. 
This is the oldest surviving Civil war monument that is still standing in its original location. It was erected in 1863, less than a year after the battle. 
 The final battle at Stones River was McFadden Farm on the banks of Stones River.
This is the Artillery Monument. The kids are taking pictures of it.
 The plaque on the Artillery monument. What must it have been like for the Confederates to cross the river & see 58 cannons at the top of the hill!
They are checking out one of the canons that guarded the ridge above Stones River.

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