Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fort Donelson Field Trip

We are traveling with Hubby again. This time we are in Clarksville, TN. Hubby is actually working in Dover, TN. Dover is a key battle of the Civil War and a key win for the Union army. The Battle of Fort Donelson kick started the career of Ulysses S. Grant & earned him the nickname of Unconditional Surrender Grant.

 Entrance to the park.
 Fort Donelson Visitor's Center
 Map of the Fort & Battlefield
 Union Troops & Casualty numbers
 Confederate Troops & Casualty numbers
 Jessica inside the visitor center.
 Ammunition cart in front of the visitor center.
                                     Monument for the Confederate Soldiers

 Fort Donelson 
 Example of one of the cabins that made up Fort Donelson.
 One of the trench lines that protected Fort Donelson
 Lower River Batteries
 These cannons successfully defended Fort Donelson from the Union attack by boat.
 Info on the Lower Water Battery
 Overlooking the lower river battery was this majestic Bald Eagle.
 He was so regal I had to take several pictures.
 This is when I wish I had a better camera.
 One last Eagle picture from a different angle. 
 One of the canons at the Lower River Battery.
 One of the canons in the Upper River Battery.
 Another Canon at the Upper River Battery.
 The Dover Hotel or Surrender House.
 This was the site where Buckner surrendered to Grant.
 13,000 Confederate soldiers were taken prisoner & transferred to Union camps all over the north.
 Fort Donelson National Cemetery.
 Sign at the Cemetery Lodge.
 Cemetery Lodge 
Main graves of the Union Soldiers.

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