Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick Update

Homeschooling is going ok. I've been very fatigued lately & have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea. So homeschooling has been a little rough but we have been getting it done! Hoping that once I start using my C-pap I will start feeling better & having more energy.

One exciting update is that yesterday David asked to do math first! After that lesson, he said that he was ready for his test. Today he took his test & zoomed through it & got a B!!! He has been answering math fact questions all day. I finally figured out that he needs to have the problems put into a "word problem" not just a fact. If he sees 9 - 7 = ____ he just stares. But if I (or he) says "You have 9 cookies & you give 7 to Jamison, how many do you have left?" Then he can answer it quickly. I'm not sure what learning style that is, but I am so thrilled that we are getting math to click for him.

Other than that, things are going ok with school. Hopefully we will get a new podcast up soon. It has been crazy with Hubby traveling so much lately.

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  1. I like your word form problem example. LOL