Friday, May 16, 2014

Chimborazo Hospital

On Sunday, April 13th, we visited the Chimborazo Hospital & Medical Museum in Richmond, VA.

Here is what the hospital looked like shortly after the Civil War.

Here is the hospital during the Civil War. It was one of the biggest! It is amazing to see how big it was! All the buildings on top of the hill were part of the hospital!

This exhibit is dedicated to the Chaplains that served at the hospital during the War.

This exhibit highlights some of the doctors who worked here as well as some of the tools they used.

Here we see some of the native plants that the doctors used for pain, to stop infections & to heal.

Another cool historic marker! The Battle of Bloody Run took place here in 1656!

Here's the Hospital historic marker.

The grounds where the hospital was located is now a beautiful park!


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