Wednesday, April 2, 2014

George Washington's Birthplace

On Monday, March 31st, we travelled to Richmond, VA. But first we made a slight detour.

We went to see the Washington Monument!

Not the big one, the one at George Washington Birthplace National Monument.

In the visitor center, they had a display showing some of the myths surrounding George Washington.

Jamie checking out some of the displays.

Jessica checking out the kids' corner.

George Washington's genealogy.

Popes Creek

The Historic area was a short walk from the visitor's center.

Here is the foundation for the home George Washington was born in. It burnt down in 1779.

The herb garden next to the house.

They build a house similar to ones that existed here when George Washington was born.

This vase was one of 2 pieces actually from the Washington House. It was found in the ashes.

A harpsichord with wooden keys.

This table was also saved from the fire at the Washington House.

We had another wonderful Ranger who gave us lots of information about life here in Washington's lifetime.

Beautiful Spring Flowers!

The yard where George Washington played as a young child. Popes Creek is in the foreground & the Potomac River is out beyond the sandbar!

Sheep on the plantation.

The kitchen.

We saw this cutie sticking his head out at us. We were about 4 feet from him.

As we moved down the path, he decided to come out of his hole, but I don't know if he saw his shadow.

Guinea Hens


Blacksmith shop!

Looking at the sheep.


Heading back to the visitor center.

Beautiful flowers along the way!

Lane to the tobacco fields.

Either a hawk or a young eagle. Too dark to tell...

Along the road to Richmond, we saw this sign.

This was 2 miles south of the sign. It is part of a military base so there was no signs here except ones that said no stopping! Kinda wild that we saw a birthplace & death place all in one drive!


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