Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ocean, MOSH & pool!

Yesterday, we went to Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. It has 1.5 miles of beach.

My wonderful Hubby!

A pelican in the water.

We were next to the Naval base!

Beautiful shells!

Searching for shells!

Notice the storm clouds in the background.

A sea gull.

More storm clouds.

I had to get a picture of kids in front of the ocean.

Rain was getting closer.

There were several sea turtle nests on the beach.

The area didn't look much different than rest the beach so the fences were needed.

Sand Dunes!

The park also had a 60 acre fresh water lake. Pelican, I believe.

Picnic area near the lake.

Spanish moss.



Beautiful flower against the moss.


We left the park & headed into downtown Jacksonville.

We went to the Museum Of Science & History!

Human body exhibit.

St. John River exhibit.

Energy exhibit.

Local animal exhibit.

Dinosaur exhibit.

Space exhibit.

History of Jacksonville exhibit - 1960s to 1500s...

Jessica found the turn of the century school display fascinating.

The Civil War exhibit caught my eye!

Overall pic of the dinosaur exhibit.

They had an outside courtyard with some of the local vegetation.

The ocean exhibit.

Friendship Fountain & the river front.

We ended the day by letting the kids swim in the hotel pool.



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