Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Field trip to kidscommons

On Monday, my Mom & I took the kids to the kidscommons in Columbus, IN. It is a neat place. It has 3 floors of activities for the kids to participate in.

Jessica is getting ready to pet a cockroach. She did it several times that day.

This play area was a favorite of Jessica & David.

This room was one of Jamie's favorites.

She loved making things run.

David liked the robotic arm.

Behind the bookcase is a maze that takes them up to the next floor.

The giant toilet.

Jamie even went down it!

2 ways to get to the light room.

The light room.

This is where you end up when you go down the toilet.

A giant bubble!


David was bubble bending!

Jessica amazed at Jamie's bubble bending skills.

Both girls bubble bending!

Jessica playing Twinkle Twinkle.

The exercise room.

David making sure I saw him exercising!

Jamie was pretty good at the cup stacking.

Jamie jumping rope.

Mom watching them play checkers.

Jessica building pyramids.

They're still playing.

Now a giant pyramid!

Time to rock climb!

David waiting for me to take a pic!

Jessica just rang the bell.

David being a spy!

Jessica the monkey.

David was scared to go too high but I was proud of him for trying.

Jessica was a monkey. This time her challenge was to climb blindfolded. She made it 3/4 way up with it on.

David in the Japanese house.

Jessica playing.

Jamie back in the Power Outlet.

Jessica made friends with one of the volunteers.

Jamie coloring with melting crayons.

Jessica's tree.

David painting.

The kids had a great time. I highly recommend that you check out the kidscommons if you are anywhere near Columbus, IN. You can find out more at:



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