Thursday, July 14, 2011

School?? What's that??

Every year, I come away from Homeschool convention fired up & ready to plan my next school year. This year, that didn't happen. I usually start school year in July. We crack open our math books and start slowly getting back into school work. This year, that hasn't happened. 

All my new curriculum is still sitting on my desk. I still haven't gotten our history book, Mystery of History 3. I know what curriculum we are using, but that's the extent of the planning I've done. I'm not sure why I'm so delayed this year. I'm praying that motivation & inspiration strikes me soon. I'm not planning on starting school until the end of August this year.

I've actually enjoyed not having to do "school" this summer. We've been doing lots of learning, but not normal academics. We've planted a garden. We've spent time at the grandparents. We've read library books. And we've played a lot. It's been nice. 

But as August is creeping closer, I'm finding myself panicking a little. I'm really praying for guidance. My oldest is easy to plan for as I've gotten her style down. The youngest is easy too as she loves workbooks! The boy is the hardest. He's hand-on, active learner. I'm finding myself at a loss as to how to make learning work for him. I have a feeling it's going to take a whole lot more planning than it ever has for the oldest.

I am such a workbook, self-motivated learner. Give me a book & a quiet place to work. I'll finish the whole semester's work in just a month. I love busy work. I want to be left alone to learn. My boy is so not that way. He needs to "do" things. He needs to have hands-on, interactive learning. That takes lots of planning & lots of work ahead of time. I think this is one of the reasons I haven't planned my semester out yet. I'm at a loss as to what activities to plan & what all I need to do.

I also have been doing a lot around the house & right now all my school stuff is just piled on my desk & floor in the loft. Old, new, used, unused. It's all just thrown together. I need to take the time to sort through it & organize it. I've realized I have lots of preschool stuff that I've not used. I no longer have preschoolers. I need to sort it, put it on the table then have my friends with preschoolers over so they can take what they need. Maybe I can work on that this week & next.

I really love homeschooling. I love seeing my kids learning. I love that they can learn & still have time to be kids. But this year I am really struggling. I'm not to the point of quitting, but I am having real procrastination issues. I'm tired...

Anyone have any advice? Anyone be there, done that? Anyone else feeling like me? Please pray for me. Pray I'll get out of this "slump" & have enthusiasm for school, wisdom for planning & energy to get it all done.


  1. Lea,

    I so appreciate your honesty.

    This was very well written.

    I am sure that prepping/planning for 3 is extremely difficult.

    I am very new to homeschooling,as you know, but feel that this is what is right for Ally. One reason that I feel that I can do this is because of you & Patty. Watching, listening, and talking to you two over the years has been very encouraging, and given me tons of ideas.

    I have the curriculum & feel like I have a plan. We shall see. I know God is guiding me, but I also feel doubt creeping in too.

    As I continue to pray for guidance & the school year here. I will be praying for enthusiasm, wisdom, and energy for you as well.

    Hang in there & know that you inspire a lot of people through your blogs, podcasts, and most of all your honesty.

  2. Maria,
    Thank you so much for your comment & for your prayers.

    I know that you will do a great job with Ally. I know she will thrive! Jamie is so excited that Ally is being homeschooled. I will be praying for you too!